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Cosmetic Dentistry

You deserve the smile you’ve always wanted. With cosmetic procedures from Dr. Yee, the smile of your dreams is just a few appointments away. Whether you hope to straighten crooked teeth, fix broken teeth, fill gaps, or even whiten stains, these goals and more can be achieved through cosmetic dentistry. Dr. Yee and his team will create a custom plan for you based on your needs, helping to unveil your perfect smile.

Porcelain Veneers

With porcelain veneers, you can enhance your appearance, as well as your self-esteem in a just a few visits! Instead of undergoing multiple procedures for stained, crooked, or uneven teeth, you can choose this conservative cosmetic treatment that makes a dramatic difference in your appearance. Thin strips of porcelain are adhered to the front of your teeth to create a natural-looking smile. Ask Dr. Yee about giving your smile a makeover with porcelain veneers!

Porcelain Bridges

Don’t let a missing tooth damage your smile. Treat yourself to porcelain bridges ― a simple, functional solution with aesthetic appeal. This treatment combines a pair of crowns with a prosthetic tooth fused between them. This life-like device will literally “build a bridge” between the teeth surrounding your gap, leaving you with a great looking smile and no discomfort. Close the gap, and prevent serious function problems in your future! Ask Dr. Yee or a member of his team about porcelain bridges today.

Porcelain Crowns

If injury, decay, or wear and tear have damaged one of your teeth, a porcelain crown is a great way to restore your smile. Dr. Yee will begin the procedure by gently removing any decay. He will then custom-mill a natural-looking crown made of porcelain and place it on your tooth. No one will even be able to tell you have had treatment thanks to porcelain crowns from Dr. Yee!

Tooth-colored Fillings

Do you want your natural-looking smile back? If so, don’t let decay and discoloration stand in your way. Dr. Yee offers an aesthetically-pleasing solution with tooth-colored fillings (sometimes called “composite resins”). Unlike traditional fillings made from precious metals, these tooth-colored fillings perfectly match the color of your neighboring teeth for a more genuine looking smile. Ask Dr. Yee or his team today about how tooth-colored fillings can help you reach your smile goals.


For a natural-looking solution to chips, cracks, or minor gaps in your smile, bonding is an option. To complete this procedure, Dr. Yee applies a tooth-colored material to the surface of your tooth, sculpting it to fix any damage and blending it in with your natural smile. This procedure can often be completed without reducing the structure of the original tooth.

Gum Contouring

Are you unhappy with your “gummy” smile? If so, a gum contouring treatment from Dr. Yee could be the answer you’re looking for. Using precise laser technology, Dr. Yee will sculpt and shape your gums, producing a dramatic effect on your smile. Gum contouring is an especially great way to cap off your other cosmetic treatments, as the finishing touch to your new, improved smile. Ask Dr. Yee if you’re a candidate for gum contouring.

Tooth Whitening At Home

Nothing provides confidence like a dazzling, white smile. Dr. Yee and his team can help give you a beautiful, bright smile. Learn more about tooth whitening at home today.

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