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Dental Technology

You need to feel comfortable and safe to enjoy your time at the dentist. With this in mind, Dr. Yee uses the latest and greatest technology to ensure that you have a positive experience. Convenience, comfort, and safety are now possible thanks to our commitment to the most modern tools, techniques, and procedures!

Digital Radiographs (X-rays)

For instant results and for less patient exposure to radiation, Dr. Yee trusts digital radiographs. This means a quicker dental visit and more peace of mind for you. Digital radiographs (X-rays) show more detail than film-based X-rays and can be saved in our system for future reference.

Intraoral Cameras

Now you can see what Dr. Yee sees…thanks to the intraoral camera! When you’re discussing treatment plans, our intraoral camera displays your teeth on a monitor or an iPad, allowing Dr. Yee to better explain your proposed treatment. With a better understanding of your own oral health, you can make more informed decisions.

Digital Photography

Digital photography creates instant images that can be easily stored. Dr. Yee takes advantage of this technology both for cosmetic imaging and to keep images on file to track your progress. For quicker, more efficient treatment, technology like digital photography helps Dr. Yee to better help you.

Guru Dental Education System

Dr. Yee and his team always aim to be partners with you in your dental health goals. By having a clear understanding of the health concerns, procedures, and treatment options available to you, you can take a more active role in decision-making. This is why Dr. Yee’s office is equipped with Guru ― a patient-education software system to help you understand your treatment. Thanks to Guru, you will know more about the complexities of your treatment options, making you feel more confident.


Dr. Yee trusts DIAGNOdent® (a small portable laser unit) to help find small cavities during your oral evaluation. This amazing technology allows the dentist to see potential problems when they are first forming…problems that are often missed by other methods of detection. This means that your cavities can be stopped at their earliest stages, thereby helping to preserve your teeth.

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