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General Dentisty

Like most medical conditions, the issues faced in your dental health are best avoided with preventative care. Dr. Yee and his team are here for you to answer questions and to provide supportive treatment. With general preventative dentistry from Dr. Yee, you can stop most oral health problems before they start!


Every dentist will tell you…the first step to a lasting, healthy smile is proper dental hygiene. Dr. Yee and his team go further by providing expert counseling on exactly what you need to do for a great smile that will last a lifetime. This includes both tips for excellent home care and regular cleanings from one of Dr. Yee’s trusted dental hygienists.

Every one of Dr. Yee’s hygienists is trained to skillfully remove unwanted plaque, tartar, calculus, and stain from your teeth; to give your gum tissue a thorough evaluation; and, to polish your teeth for a gorgeous smile. In addition, Laura, Margaret, Sherry, Wendi, Erika, and Melinda can answer your questions about homecare so that you can keep your smile looking fresh, clean, and healthy between visits.


Half of all adults suffer from some form of periodontal disease ― a serious medical condition that can lead to tooth loss, halitosis (bad breath), and bleeding or receding gums. However, the good news is that regular cleanings from a dental hygienist, paired with proper home care can prevent periodontal disease from striking. In the event of a diagnosis, trust Dr. Yee for a treatment plan to both heal and restore your smile.

Remember to keep watch for common signs and symptoms of periodontal disease, including bleeding and/or receding gums, halitosis, loose teeth, or teeth surrounded by pus. Keep in mind, there is often no pain until the disease has progressed. Notify Dr. Yee and his dental team as soon as possible in the event of these symptoms.

Wisdom Tooth Removal

At some point in life, most everyone requires the extraction of wisdom teeth as a measure of preventative dentistry. While you may have concerns about undergoing a surgical procedure, the arrival of wisdom teeth can trigger a number of painful and lasting problems. Trust your wisdom teeth removal to Dr. Yee, and you will see that it is a routine procedure you need not fear.

Dr. Yee will begin by administering a local or general anesthetic. He will then remove your teeth through a surgical opening in the gum tissue. In some cases, stitches will be used to close the wound after the wisdom teeth have been removed. Recovery should only take a few days, and you will receive all the pre- and post-operative information you need from Dr. Yee’s dental team.

If you have questions or concerns about wisdom teeth removal, talk to Dr. Yee or to one of his team members today.

Root Canals

If you have damage to the nerve tissue inside your tooth, you may need a root canal. This procedure involves removing the soft tissue within the tooth when it has become infected. Dr. Yee will carefully remove the infected tissue from within the root, filling the void with inert material to ease your pain and to get you back to your regular activities. The root canal procedure will be completed with the placement of a filling or crown. If you are having tooth pain or discomfort, call our office to determine if a root canal procedure can provide you relief.

Tooth Extractions

Dr. Yee will always try to preserve as much of your natural teeth as possible, but in certain cases, extracting a tooth is the wise course of action to return you to the path of good oral health. Trust Dr. Yee with your extraction procedure, and know that you are in capable hands. Utilizing the latest tools and techniques, your troublesome tooth can be extracted, after which further treatment can be discussed.


Don’t let tooth decay cause you pain or stand in your way of a great smile. Dr. Yee offers a solution with fillings. Made from amalgam (silver) or from a tooth-colored resin, fillings will be placed in your tooth after the decayed area is cleaned, making for a lasting restoration. You may even decide to replace your silver fillings with a natural-looking, tooth-colored filling.


Do you wake up with headaches or jaw pain? If so, you could be grinding your teeth while you sleep ― a common, yet damaging habit that can cause your teeth to chip, crack, and even break. If you suffer from this, you may need a nightguard ― a removable device worn at night to protect your teeth from the damage of grinding and clenching. Dr. Yee will custom design your nightguard to ensure you have a perfect fit. Rest easier knowing that you’re protecting your teeth with a nightguard from Dr. Yee!

Oral Cancer Screenings

There will be 41,000 Americans diagnosed with oral cancer this year, resulting in 12,500 deaths. In fact, one person dies from oral cancer every hour, and late diagnosis is an enormous factor in the fatality of this disease. However, 90 percent of oral cancers can be cured with early detection. Dr. Yee is dedicated to providing his patients with regular oral cancer screenings ― a potentially life-saving procedure that only a qualified dentist such as Dr. Yee can perform. Ask Dr. Yee about an oral cancer screening so you can feel safe.

Sleep Apnea & Snoring

Do you or your partner have a snoring problem? If you do, it's important to know that snoring is more than just a noisy habit; it can be a sign of more serious health conditions, such as sleep apnea, which could require intervention. Learn more about Sleep Apnea and snoring.

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